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Referring now to FIGS. 2A and 2B, an electric machine including multiphase fractional slot windings 10 comprises a stator core 12 having a multi-set rectangular hairpin windings 20 formed thereon.HEVs combine an internal combustion engine with an electric drive system powered by a battery bank.The multi-phase winding include a first winding set comprised of a first plurality of conductors having a substantially rectangular cross-sectional.Test concepts of Electrical Machine Design by solving multiple choice questions. of Electric Machine Design. the number of slots per pole per phase.Therefore, the spirit and scope of the appended claims should not be limited to the description of the preferred embodiments contained herein.Thereafter, an appropriate turns in series per phase for the windings of the electric machine is calculated based on the desired system voltage and the desired size requirements.

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In other words, this option allows hairpin windings to be used more widely to adapt different voltage and torque requirement of electric machines.

Due to the low number of slots per pole and per phase it is characterized by a high MMF space harmonic content. The operating wave of this winding type.DC Motor Calculations,. E o is therefore proportional to the speed of rotation n of the motor and to the flux F per pole,. The number of conductors per slot c.

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The wind of a tornado are in a much smaller area, usually under a mile wide.number of slots per pole per phase q =1,. Connection of concentrated double layer full pitch coil six-phase winding section and distribution of magnetomotive force.How many poles three phase induction motor should have ?. f = supply frequency & p = pairs of poles per phase. A four pole three phase induction.

A three phase, 10 pole, 600rpm, star connected alternator has 12 slots per pole with 8. Find the number of stator conductors to be connected in series per.Analysis of Slot-Pole Combination of Fractional-Slots PMSM for. an integer number of slots per pole per phase. Slots PMSM for Embedded Applications.Finally, during vehicle braking and deceleration, the electric machine 10 acts as a re-generator which converts kinetic energy from the vehicle to electric power for charging the battery bank 90.The fractional slot winding arrangement of the above example is shown in FIGS. 3A-3C. FIG. 3A shows phase A of the three phase, two-set AC winding arrangement with 12 poles wound in 54 slots of the stator of an electric machine.Windings are provided for the electric machine using a plurality of bar-shaped conductors of substantially rectangular cross-sectional shape.

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Slot/pole Combinations Choice for Concentrated Multiphase Machines dedicated to Mild. higher current per phase. when the relation ”pole number slots 1 or.

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coils per pole and phase: Total slot number:. of a synchronous hydro generator with high pole count Source: VATech Hydro, Austria Ventilation duct Tooth Slot.The electric machine is required to operate under the normal generating state during engine drive (thereby charging batteries) and the re-generating state during vehicle braking.The portion of the hairpin legs extending from the stator slots are bent in a desired configuration.number of slots per pole per phase for machines with. Distribution, coil-span and winding factors for. Number of slots per section is s a N N F.

In other words, the maximum parallel paths for multi-set windings are the same as single set windings, i.e.The use of fractional slot windings allows for many different values for the series turns per phase, N ph, to be achieved.In general, the slots per phase per pole, q, in fractional slot windings can be written as a mixed fraction of the following form.

A typical application of hairpin windings was 50DN alternator produced by Remy International since the middle of the last century.Fractional-slot winding motor US6894417 May 15, 2003 May 17, 2005 Remy Inc.It has a simple lap winding with 4 conductors per slot. DC shunt motor has flux per pole of 25 mWb. The number of armature. losses per phase iv).

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AC Machine Winding Test assess your knowledge in armature windings with questions on Single Phase. How many slots per pole per phase will be. Mobile Number.SFR is typically defined as the ratio of (a) the aggregate cross-sectional area of bare copper conductors in a slot to (b) the cross-sectional area of the slot itself.

As described above, advantages may be realized by designing an electric machine for an automotive or marine engine, wherein the electric machine includes multi-phase fractional slot windings made of segmented bar-shaped windings.An exemplary winding arrangement for the electric machine is shown in FIGS. 3A-3C and FIG. 4. The disclosed winding arrangement provides fractional slot windings for the electric machine.With reference to FIG. 3A, a winding schematic is shown depicting the bending and connection required for the hairpins for phase A of the winding arrangement.The rotor core includes windings or permanent magnets that interact with the poles of the stator.The winds of a tornado are concentrated in a much smaller area.Fig. 1 Double-layer 2-pole 9-slot fractional slot winding with a winding factor of 0.945. Concentrated windings are also fractional slot windings, but they have a number of slots per pole per phase strictly inferior to 1.

Of course, the conductor layers are also connected by U-shaped end turns at the insertion end of the stator, and welds at the connection end of the stator, but these connections are not provided for clarity in FIG. 4. These connections between the hairpins are shown in FIGS. 3A-3C.Two is the maximum polarities for any machine, so the maximum parallel path for wave windings is two.This resistance is experienced especially in the dimension of the slot height direction.

Thus, different levels of system voltage require different N ph values.In some machines, the bar-shaped wires are pre-shaped before the wires are placed into the stator slots.Finally the proper leg ends are connected together to complete the windings.

The designed parallel path number, a, depends on the design requirements.

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To insert pre-shaped continuous bar windings into the slots of a stator, open slots are necessary, such as those shown in FIG. 7B. The openings in these slots allow the continuous windings to be inserted from the inner diameter of the core.

In this example, the layers are defined as the 1st through 4th from the top to the bottom of a slot, with layer 1 the innermost layer near the partial opening in the slot, and layer 4 to outermost layer.Because of the high number of slots (108), narrow conductors will be required in a slot width direction, resulting in high AC resistance due to skin effect.FIG. 5C shows a cross-section of a stator slot having four layers of conductors (i.e., legs) carrying either the same phase current or different phase current in the stator slot.